On my way home from last Sunday’s ride, I was reflecting a bit on Galbraith in general.  A lot of treasures are in the eye of the beholder and I think Galbraith is one of them.   I know that mixes metaphors, but that’s okay with me.   To a mountain biker, Galbraith is a treasure, while for the non-mountain biker it might be seen as a complete eyesore with a bunch of dirt roads, trails and boardwalks without railings. I’ve said it…Continue Reading


If you’ve been hiking or biking for long you’ve experienced what I refer to as progress.  Trails can either evolve spontaneously or can be planned and developed.  What I refer to as progress happens when the best of the spontaneously evolved trails are sent to committee, so to speak, and developed.  Often this involves consensus groups which usually means a dumbing down or reduction in fun.  It means that the giant mud hole that you found fun will be filled…Continue Reading