• Covid-19

    One last note about covid-19 before there is nothing left of it in the news, save politics.  As of writing this, Washington state appears to be over the “hump” of the outbreak and I am already seeing social media rewriting our recent history from just the last few months, even last week and yesterday seem to be also up for grabs.  But really the gist of this post is about helping us weather this outbreak and some of my thoughts…Continue Reading

  • Hovander Dog Park

    Building a multi-use trail, especially one that requires dogs to be leashed, right through the middle of an off-leash area is an invitation for unwanted situations, yet that is exactly what was done at the boat launch end of Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale.  And yes this was an off-leash area before the County and City of Ferndale pushed the Nooksack Loop through up to Main St. in 2014.  (the before image is not mine, but I can’t remember the…Continue Reading

  • Breathe

    Today, we are polluting our world. Today our climate is changing. Now is not the time to argue and divide humanity. Now is the time to reduce and eliminate pollution. Tomorrow, we can eat healthy foods, drink clean water, and breathe fresh air, while together we ponder if our climate change came courtesy of man, or God.

  • Laissez-faire Riding

    For the last month, month and a half or so, my weekend rides have been dictated by a my need to be ready for that century ride.  But with that ride done, I took took the opportunity to just head out on the road bike and ride.  I had a general idea of the direction I’d be going, but I took the laissez-faire approach and just let the ride handle itself.  I will say, it was a very enjoyable ride.  It was a…Continue Reading