• Raleigh Sports

    This late 50’s junk store buy is a made in England, all steel classic.  All-Steel was Raleigh’s claim to fame for years and they weren’t kidding.  They also weren’t comparing themselves to makers of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber bikes.  No their steel bikes were far superior to bikes made from wood, cast iron, etc.  This bike is really all steel wheels, bars, cranks, frame, fenders, well everything. Back to mostly original and mostly unsafe condition. By today’s standard and…Continue Reading

  • Early Stumpjumper

    It may sound a bit weird, but I have grown fond of this particular bike. That’s because finding it really marked the beginning of me getting myself back into riding bikes, rather than periodically just moving them from one side of the garage to the other. My “go to” bike for the last few decades had been a mid/late 90’s Stumpjumper with a ubiquitous beige Judy XC fork.  It is a wonderfully light M2 framed bike that at the time…Continue Reading

  • Blogging Again

    I think I wrote my first blog post back in the early to mid 90’s using text files and coding HTML.   That was fun, sort of, because not many people were posting stuff online.  It was also pointless because not many people were reading online, let alone reading my stuff online.  Easy to understand why not many were reading online because it is hard to imagine exploring the internet without a browser like Chrome, Internet explorer, or Netscape, or an…Continue Reading