• Raleigh R600 Road Bike

    I tend to be cheap, maybe frugal, and I have an appreciation for vintage and unique bikes so I usually buy used bikes that I can service and then enjoy riding.  I’ve only purchased a few bikes new off the showroom floor, with this Raleigh R600 being both the last and most expensive of my new bike purchases.  I got this Raleigh from Redmond Cycle way back in the 90’s so today my R600 has a couple or two or…Continue Reading

  • North County Loop

    Saturday was a nice morning for a long road ride. As a fitness goal, I signed up for the 100 mile Tour de Whatcom in July, so it is getting to be the time that I need to get my body used to the long miles on a road bike.  Fitness levels for road biking and mountain biking may be closely related, but road bike hours on drop bars have you in one or two pretty defined positions while mountain…Continue Reading