• One Thing

    A few times in the past I’ve commented how a few low cost improvements would make a big improvement to the trail system in Ferndale.  I’m not going to back pedal on anything I said, because to call the Ferndale trail system a system is still a misnomer in my opinion. Recently though, I had another look at the whole Pioneer Park area while my mother-in-law is in town and trying to get more walking into her daily routine.   I…Continue Reading

  • Lack of Ferndale Trail System

    It is an absolute shame that Ferndale has so many great parks and so many miles of great trails, yet the parks are like islands with most of the trails seemingly going nowhere.  And it’s a double shame because many of the problems could be solved without major restructuring of the city or mega-million dollar taxes. However, none of the problems will likely be solved primarily because our city government lacks the vision of the park and trail system that…Continue Reading