• Old Issues

    This post should be about my second and now truly annual Stumpjumper Day ride; but it isn’t and it is.  It is about Stumpjumper Day ride, but it’s more about the old issues that came up on the ride.  Issues, old issues that really set in as I coasted down the exit road on my limping Stumpjumper and came across this, before unknown to me, trail aptly named “Old Issues.” I was looking forward to this ride, just like every…Continue Reading

  • M2 Franken Jumper

    My main trail ride for the last couple of decades and still my favorite for riding tight trails.  It started life as an Stumpjumper M2 FS, and was quickly stripped for it’s components by some, more money than brains guy, who was going to use them to build up a Cannondale Headshok bike.  I gladly bought his “useless” frame for some at the time amazingly expensive price.  I then began to transplant every component from my decked out Specialized Hardrock,…Continue Reading

  • Early Stumpjumper

    It may sound a bit weird, but I have grown fond of this particular bike. That’s because finding it really marked the beginning of me getting myself back into riding bikes, rather than periodically just moving them from one side of the garage to the other. My “go to” bike for the last few decades had been a mid/late 90’s Stumpjumper with a ubiquitous beige Judy XC fork.  It is a wonderfully light M2 framed bike that at the time…Continue Reading