• Fashion

    We recently sent off a big boxes of photos from the pre-digital days to be scanned.  1,310 photos in all, most of which were comical due to their age and our personal lack of age at the time they were taken. This single photo though, from around the North Bend area of the Seattle suburbs, is a time capsule unto itself filled with nuggets of my personal mountain biking history.   back 30 years or more of mountain biking and also…Continue Reading

  • Early Stumpjumper

    It may sound a bit weird, but I have grown fond of this particular bike. That’s because finding it really marked the beginning of me getting myself back into riding bikes, rather than periodically just moving them from one side of the garage to the other. My “go to” bike for the last few decades had been a mid/late 90’s Stumpjumper with a ubiquitous beige Judy XC fork.  It is a wonderfully light M2 framed bike that at the time…Continue Reading