• Winter Riding Tip

    Many of my ride posts attest to the fact that I ride year round.  You know rain, snow, dark of night, like the postal service only I do it for recreation.  I’ve pushed my bike up the last snowy bit on Galbraith many a time and even carried my bike over parts of Wickersham in the snow.  This year though I am trying a little different take on winter riding; winter riding in Baja.  My wife and I packed up…Continue Reading

  • Tour de Lake Whatcom

    A few years back I did the real Tour de Whatcom and it was a fun experience, one that I will likely do again and again and again.  But I’ve also had this other route in my head for awhile and have just been biding my time until conditions were right.   And by conditions I mostly mean, my condition.  When would I be in condition enough to ride a 30 plus mile loop around Lake Whatcom that included the gravelly…Continue Reading

  • Al Fresco Riding

    I have had several indoor trainers in my life.   At different times my bike was mounted on a full set of rollers, a rear wheel only and for a short time I even had a standalone recumbent trainer.  Guess which style of indoor trainer I settled on?   How about none. Each of them, for a time, seemed like the way to go but really in the long run none of them were the way to go.  In reality the way…Continue Reading