• Raleigh R600 Road Bike

    I tend to be cheap, maybe frugal, and I have an appreciation for vintage and unique bikes so I usually buy used bikes that I can service and then enjoy riding.  I’ve only purchased a few bikes new off the showroom floor, with this Raleigh R600 being both the last and most expensive of my new bike purchases.  I got this Raleigh from Redmond Cycle way back in the 90’s so today my R600 has a couple or two or…Continue Reading

  • Whitey

    I’d been keeping my eye out for a rigid all steel bike with disc brakes for awhile when I ran into this piece of weirdness on FaceBook marketplace. It took me another 3 weeks to land the deal, because it was an hour and a half away and the sellers were their own brand of weirdness. I’m thinking of naming him Whitey, because it is white, I’ve always been a fan of Leave It To Beaver, I am not politically…Continue Reading