• Bye Week Loop

    Seahawks Schedule said it was a bye week so there was no game to watch even if it wanted. I didn’t want, so I went for a little bike ride instead. Sunday’s loop ride was on Galbraith, a loop I’ve renamed from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to it’s new name, the Bye Week Loop. Coming in at about 9-¼ miles Goldilocks & the 3 bears is a bit on the long side for me, both in time and in…Continue Reading

  • Seahawks 2017

    I gotta say that I am more than a little disappointed in how the Seahawks franchise, as well as the NFL, is handling the whole kneel during the National Anthem fad.  People fought and died to establish our nation with participatory government.  More people fought and died ending slavery allowing Blacks a say in that participatory government.  Whether you are black white blue male female or other, get off your knees, stand in honor of our nation built on participation,…Continue Reading