• First Ride – Reassembled Raleigh International

    This afternoon I took out the Raleigh International on a maiden voyage of sorts.  This is the Raleigh International that I had the great fortune to come across last summer.  The bikes original owner was unable to complete the restoration that he had started on a bike that he himself had purchased new back in the early 1970’s, unfortunately I was hearing the story from his widow as she handed me boxes and bags of parts. Today the International  is…Continue Reading

  • Northeast County Loop

    Shoulder on Smith was literally littered with glass, sadly saw this broken 12 pack’s twin outside Everson. I rode this loop last Saturday, July 6th, a couple of days after Independence Day, but before street sweepers could hit all the bad spots.  This half rack of Corona bottles dumped on Smith Rd. wasn’t the only box of empties that I encountered on the ride.  There were a few other big piles coming into Everson from the north as well as…Continue Reading

  • Raleigh R600 Road Bike

    I tend to be cheap, maybe frugal, and I have an appreciation for vintage and unique bikes so I usually buy used bikes that I can service and then enjoy riding.  I’ve only purchased a few bikes new off the showroom floor, with this Raleigh R600 being both the last and most expensive of my new bike purchases.  I got this Raleigh from Redmond Cycle way back in the 90’s so today my R600 has a couple or two or…Continue Reading

  • Raleigh Twenty Folder

    Yes, I got one of these.  Not because it is some amazing bike, but because it is such an amazing oddity.   20″ (451) wheels on a bike for full-size people and it folds and it’s a 3 speed Sturmey-Archer.  Waiting on new tires so I’ve only ridden up and down the neighborhood a time or two.  My thought on it so far is that it may look a bit weird but it rides just fine, certainly better than my 26″…Continue Reading