• Forty Four

    Forty Four miles this morning for my second ride in my personal version of the 2020 Tour de Whatcom, the plan where I ride each of the routes, 20, 40,60 & 100 mile routes over the course of the summer.  It was pretty easy to connect the Raleigh Twenty to the 20 mile loop, but I had to think a bit longer on a connection to this route.  Save for one hill, I was pretty happy with my choice of…Continue Reading

  • Raleigh International

    To me all bikes are amazing in some way or another.  At one end of the spectrum I am amazed at how an entirely rideable bike can be purchased at Walmart for next to nothing, while at the other end of the spectrum I am amazed that anyone would pay ten grand or more for a bike.  Actually that spectrum stuff was a joke, sort of…I am amazed that anyone would trust a cheap Walmart bike assembled by a Walmart…Continue Reading