Rain Rain Go Away – Updated

Not too long ago I wrote a post about riding in the out of doors regardless of the weather.  I will still stand by that notion, however I am tired of the rain and cold weather that “seem” to have been the norm this year.   I used the bunny quotes because I never did a analytical comparison of this year’s weather to any other year’s weather, the weather in the last week or so just makes me feel like Noah, three…Continue Reading

Al Fresco Riding

I have had several indoor trainers in my life.   At different times my bike was mounted on a full set of rollers, a rear wheel only and for a short time I even had a standalone recumbent trainer.  Guess which style of indoor trainer I settled on?   How about none. Each of them, for a time, seemed like the way to go but really in the long run none of them were the way to go.  In reality the way…Continue Reading

Just Another Day

I know it’s been said, because I’ve said it, that we live in the Pacific Northwest so if we were to wait until it quit raining to do something then we might never do anything. That was my thought as I left my wet driveway this morning for a relatively quick 11 mile loop in the rain. Lots of puddles, lots of rain, lots of time listening to the gurgling sound as water completely fills the space between fender and…Continue Reading