• Ratchet This Thing Down

    One of the things I committed to when starting this blog thing anew, was that when and if I were to ever delve into the realm of politics, I would do it without getting hateful, or partisan. I say that again, not because I am about to renege, rather because I want to double down on that commitment to not be partisan.  In today’s world it’s tough not to be caught up in party politics because in today’s world media…Continue Reading

  • Party Time?

    Last Fall, Donald Trump won our national presidential election and in doing so, really blew a hole in our national political party system.  Well no he didn’t.  It was Hillary Clinton’s political party that really blew a hole in our party political system when they tried to fix the nomination process for Hillary Clinton.  Well, no they didn’t blow up the party system either.  The parties themselves, blew up the parties. I’ve witnessed the two party system showing signs of…Continue Reading