• Chantrelles

    I’m talking trails, not mushrooms.  Don’t know, maybe there are mushrooms there too, in addition to the trails.  The trails or trail are out of the Lake Whatcom Park out at the end of the North Shore Road.  I’ve ridden and hiked the Chantrelle Trail several times, but this recent trip was a treat because the trail has been extended past the overlook, essentially doubling the length of the trail.  What was the 2 mile Chantrelle Trail leading up to…Continue Reading

  • Stewart Mountain Loop – Updated 9/2/18

    Got in a mostly off pavement loop ride mid-week with a couple of adventurous type guys from work.  We had been talking about Kurtis’ new Salsa Timberjack and adventure rides like the Olympic Discovery Trail and just adventure riding in general, when the discussion turned to how both Jason and I had contemplated a loop in the North Lake Whatcom area.   This in the area that I had been binging on after completing my own Tour de Lake Whatcom in…Continue Reading

  • Binge Worthy

    I admit that I am binging a bit on the North Lake Whatcom area.   Although there are wonders to be found there, what make this area binge worthy for me is the tremendous workout it offers straight out of the box.  From the upper parking lot there seems to be nothing but steep uphill for the first few miles, in fact the parking lot itself even slopes uphill a bit.  I’ve hiked up and down this section several times and…Continue Reading