• Nooksack Loop – Again and Again

    I’ve done this loop, my Nooksack Loop, again and again and again, each time refining it just a bit.  And the refinements keep getting smaller and smaller as there really isn’t much in the way of new trails or roads happening along this route.  It looks like the short section of railroad grade between Cornwall and Squalicum Parks is preparing to become a trail, but other than that nada. So Sunday, when I rode this loop last, I looked a…Continue Reading

  • Noon Road Loop

    I had hopes of doing something with a little intensity today, like the Reese Hill Loop.  I also had hopes for one of these Sundays to be a warm sunny Sunday where I could take my Schwinn Racer on a nostalgia ride along some easy peasy path.  Instead, it was another cold Sunday where it was clear until the sun came up, but then clouds rolled in to steal the warmth.  And I was in a bit of a time…Continue Reading

  • Signs of the Times

    So I rode my Noon Road Loop again today.  It’s a nice 24 mile loop that I do pretty regularly.  It appeals to me because most of it is through farmland and along back roads.  I was going slow today, likely slower than usual.  But slow can often have silver linings, which it did for me today. First silver lining was that it was a kind of dreary day, but I found the sun near one of those giant marshmallow…Continue Reading