Quiet Lummi Loop

Today’s ride around the Lummi Peninsula was the quietest trip around that loop that I can ever recall.  That’s something, especially for this particular loop that can be fraught with barking dogs, loud trucks and cars whizzing to and from the ferry.  Today though….nothing. Just nothing. It was a nice warm spring morning, not too early, but it seemed everyone and their dogs were still asleep. Fine by me, made it a nicer ride. This is a loop that I…Continue Reading

Nooksack Loop – Again and Again

I’ve done this loop, my Nooksack Loop, again and again and again, each time refining it just a bit.  And the refinements keep getting smaller and smaller as there really isn’t much in the way of new trails or roads happening along this route.  It looks like the short section of railroad grade between Cornwall and Squalicum Parks is preparing to become a trail, but other than that nada. So Sunday, when I rode this loop last, I looked a…Continue Reading

Spring Yet?

Is it spring yet?  With the exception of the morning ice, January 13th sure seemed like the first day of spring.  As such, it seemed also like a nice chance to ride a long mixed loop that I’ve been thinking of trying out. It also felt like a spring ride from how pooped I was near the end of the loop.  It has been several months since I’ve ridden more than 10 or 15 miles at a time, let alone…Continue Reading

Nooksack Loop Trail – Full

I’ve written about the Nooksack Loop Trail (NLT) before here & here,  and also likely mentioned it elsewhere.  It’d be a great trail to have running around Whatcom County, just don’t see it ever materializing.  So until never arrives, I will just keep riding my version of the loop trail.  My version essentially follows the trail proposed way back in 1973, but I use whatever roads and trails approximate the loop.  Bellingham, Everson, and Whatcom County have added trails in…Continue Reading

Whitey’s First Ride

Got Whitey together and serviced enough to take him for a ride today.  Did my Mixed Loop Route in Ferndale, along the Nooksack River.  It’s my goto local ride and a good place for a first ride.  Mostly because if something goes desperately wrong it’s an easy walk or an easy call for help, but secondly it has a bit of everything, pavement, gravel, sand, usually mud, and even a few roots. Whitey turned out to be the bike I hoped he…Continue Reading