• Reimagining the Dew

    Sometimes I reimagine one of the several bikes hanging on my wall and sometimes I actually carry my reimagining on to the reinventing stage.  Such is the case with my Kona Dew.  Now I’ve put a lot of miles on the Dew, but all of those miles were as a hybrid bike, riding gravel, pavement, dirt, rocks, roots, water, whatever.  For the most part, I’ve had cyclocross knobby tires on it for those miles and they seem to do pretty…Continue Reading

  • 2018 Mt. Baker Hill Climb

    My reason for the ride, was to take another step towards returning to a level of fitness that I “useta” have, but have not enjoyed for the last couple of decades or so.  My aim was to use riding the Tour de Whatcom(TDW) as an annual fitness goal, but when my wife shared a Facebook thing about this ride up to Artist Point, I signed up immediately. It was what I would consider grueling, but not too grueling, just enough…Continue Reading