• The Way I Do Galbraith

    This is the way I do Galbraith.  Push, Pull, Drag and lately riding up Galbraith Lane up to the towers to get a good workout.  Then pick a trail and enjoy the ride down because it was earned on the way up.  I’m not up there to fly through the air off some downhill ramp, I’d much rather take a windy trail or two and savor my ride back down to the car. Relive ‘Morning Jun 10th’

  • Progress

    If you’ve been hiking or biking for long you’ve experienced what I refer to as progress.  Trails can either evolve spontaneously or can be planned and developed.  What I refer to as progress happens when the best of the spontaneously evolved trails are sent to committee, so to speak, and developed.  Often this involves consensus groups which usually means a dumbing down or reduction in fun.  It means that the giant mud hole that you found fun will be filled…Continue Reading