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Marietta – Garin's Blog

Forty Four

Forty Four miles this morning for my second ride in my personal version of the 2020 Tour de Whatcom, the plan where I ride each of the routes, 20, 40,60 & 100 mile routes over the course of the summer.  It was pretty easy to connect the Raleigh Twenty to the 20 mile loop, but I had to think a bit longer on a connection to this route.  Save for one hill, I was pretty happy with my choice of…Continue Reading

Spring Loop revision C

Or revision B, or maybe D, I don’t really know how many times I’ve revised this route. Maybe I’ll quit revisions on it all together because lately the changes haven’t really been updates so much as small variations to account for my mood or weather. Today, a sunny Sunday morning, had the trails around Lake Padden pretty busy, however given my later than normal start, the boardwalk along Bellingham’s waterfront was bursting. This time around the loop I kept up…Continue Reading

Haggen to Haggen Revised

Over last summer, and even a bit through winter, this loop became one of my goto loops.  I can ride it from my house or it’s almost as easy doing from the Haggen parking lot.  It’s basically a loop through Ferndale via Smith & Noon roads and then hitting as many trails/paths as I can link together to bring me back to Ferndale. What keeps me coming back to this loop is that it is a good workout with hills…Continue Reading

Another Way

I’ve been riding one of my “go to” rides another way lately, a way that I feel is much more safe than my normal Nooksack Loop Trail – 1st Loop. The normal loop has you crossing Slater Rd. at Ferndale Rd, and I just don’t like going anywhere near Slater on a bike, especially when cross traffic doesn’t stop, is moving fast, and may have just left the casino up the road.  This other way crosses Slater at a light, with…Continue Reading

Haggen to Haggen Loop – cont’d

Last week’s Haggen to Haggen Loop ride was a bit of a bust.  It’s been several months and several hundred miles of riding since I’ve last had a flat, so three in one ride was just time to pack it in and try another day. So today, with a fresh tube and patch kit in my pack, I set out for another attempt and that attempt was a success. This is a nice loop because it’s not just 30 miles…Continue Reading

Nooksack Loop Trail – Full

I’ve written about the Nooksack Loop Trail (NLT) before here & here,  and also likely mentioned it elsewhere.  It’d be a great trail to have running around Whatcom County, just don’t see it ever materializing.  So until never arrives, I will just keep riding my version of the loop trail.  My version essentially follows the trail proposed way back in 1973, but I use whatever roads and trails approximate the loop.  Bellingham, Everson, and Whatcom County have added trails in…Continue Reading