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Lookout Mountain – Garin's Blog

Two Towers and a Trail?

Since the first time I bike hiked up to the towers on Lookout Mtn I’ve wanted to explore some of the nameless trails on the way back down. On today’s ride I did, and the trail I chose will now be know to me as No Buenos Trail. I’m sure it has a proper name as people obviously spent a lot of time on it, but the name just wasn’t on the map I was using. A coworker knew it’s…Continue Reading


I happen to think that this gravel grind on Lookout Mountain is another one of many little gems to be found near Bellingham.  There are trails being built all around here, but whether you are walking the dog or riding/pushing your bike, the road itself isn’t a bad way to get a nice bit of exercise. Exercise is the main reason I did this ride/push on Thanksgiving Day, but my wife also recognizes that I am more pleasant around people…Continue Reading

Granny Insufficient

I’ve always known granny gear as a truck term for the often ultra low 1st gear in many 4 speed manual shift trucks, a gear meant to allow trucks the ability to get heavy loads moving or to keep them moving up steep slopes.  However, the max speed in that gear may be no faster than a granny can walk.    Granny gear made its way into mountain biking because mountain bikes often have an ultra small chainring up front,…Continue Reading