Heliotrope Ridge

Biking is and has been my go to recreation choice for most of my life, but really anything in the out of doors will do nicely. For instance this early season hike up Heliotrope Ridge that my wife and I did last week was a sensory experience that could not be matched on a bike. Rather than typing out a bunch of words, I will let the pictures tell the story in this blog post. However, just like riding, there…Continue Reading


I happen to think that this gravel grind on Lookout Mountain is another one of many little gems to be found near Bellingham.  There are trails being built all around here, but whether you are walking the dog or riding/pushing your bike, the road itself isn’t a bad way to get a nice bit of exercise. Exercise is the main reason I did this ride/push on Thanksgiving Day, but my wife also recognizes that I am more pleasant around people…Continue Reading