• Back to Our Roots

    In my daily newsfeed I see all kinds of techie mechanisms and “groundbreaking” technologies; many aimed at removing CO2 from our atmosphere and in some fashion, returning it to the earth. But to what end, to drop a block of carbon on the ground, or stuff the sequestered carbon back deep into the ground by yet one more unnatural and abnormal process? All new technologies have unintended consequences and I don’t think that these so called miracle cures will be…Continue Reading

  • Thin Blue Line

    I am talking about that thin blue atmosphere surrounding our earth, not to be confused with the thin blue lines of masking tape showing support for law enforcement officers,.  You all know about our atmosphere, that stuff that makes wonderful sunsets & sunrises while at the same time makes plants grow, allows us to live and breathe.  So, sunsets & sunrises aside, I think we could all agree that our atmosphere is so vitally important to all of us that…Continue Reading