Jones H-Bar

Consider me sold on the Jones H-Bar, at least for the Kona Dew that I ride mostly on mixed loops of pavement, paths and light single track.   I purchased from Jones, installed it a few months back, and now have several hundred miles of riding on them.   I was interested in them because as I put more and more road miles on the standard mountain bike flat bars I began to realize that my wrists became sore, I think both…Continue Reading

Early Spring Loop – rev A

A couple of weeks ago I kicked off what looked like Spring ‘19 with a 40 mile loop that essentially rounded Bellingham, hitting iconic locations like Whatcom Falls, Galbraith, Padden and Boulevard Park while also extending up to Hovander Park in Ferndale.  Enjoyed the heck out of that ride, but felt like a few revisions could be made to the loop.  I wanted to make the route as much on trails or good bike routes as I could, leaving all…Continue Reading

Spring Yet?

Is it spring yet?  With the exception of the morning ice, January 13th sure seemed like the first day of spring.  As such, it seemed also like a nice chance to ride a long mixed loop that I’ve been thinking of trying out. It also felt like a spring ride from how pooped I was near the end of the loop.  It has been several months since I’ve ridden more than 10 or 15 miles at a time, let alone…Continue Reading


People say that timing is everything and I guess that I am one of them who says that.  I normally ride Galbraith in the early morning.  I try for going up pre-dawn that way as the sun is coming up I am riding down, what are for the most part, empty trails.  Occasionally I get a late start and start seeing other rider, maybe 6 or 8 on the lower trails on my way out. Yesterday, in an effort to…Continue Reading

The Way I Do Galbraith

This is the way I do Galbraith.  Push, Pull, Drag and lately riding up Galbraith Lane up to the towers to get a good workout.  Then pick a trail and enjoy the ride down because it was earned on the way up.  I’m not up there to fly through the air off some downhill ramp, I’d much rather take a windy trail or two and savor my ride back down to the car. Relive ‘Morning Jun 10th’