• Tour de Whatcom – 2019

    My Garmin read 100.9 miles meaning that for me, the 2019 Tour de Whatcom was in the books. Before the ride, my wife and I were trying to figure out if if this was my 3rd or 4th time, but couldn’t come to a definite conclusion, so just left it out there as a question that might remain unanswered. However, during the ride there were hours upon hours to mindlessly ponder the question.  2015, or 16, or ?  The years didn’t…Continue Reading

  • Northeast County Loop

    Shoulder on Smith was literally littered with glass, sadly saw this broken 12 pack’s twin outside Everson. I rode this loop last Saturday, July 6th, a couple of days after Independence Day, but before street sweepers could hit all the bad spots.  This half rack of Corona bottles dumped on Smith Rd. wasn’t the only box of empties that I encountered on the ride.  There were a few other big piles coming into Everson from the north as well as…Continue Reading

  • What If I’m Fat

    You may ask, can I still have fun riding a bicycle if I am fat? Yes, I said fat, and yes it’s time for another C.S. Lewis quote. That guy must have never shut up because you could fill volumes with his quotes alone. “Always prefer the plain direct word to the long, vague one.” C.S. Lewis So, yes I am fat, not weight challenged, not plus size, nor any other vague platitude. I could have said morbidly obese maybe, because…Continue Reading