• Ferndale School Bond – Rejected

    Be careful not to compromise what you want most for what you want now. Zig Ziglar After much thought, I have decided to vote NO on the current FSD Bond.   What I, and many others, want now is a safe clean efficient, modernized Ferndale High School, remodeled or new, it doesn’t matter.  What I want most though, is for all the schools in the district, including FHS, to be safe, clean and modernized.   What’s kept us from getting…Continue Reading

  • Updated – Ferndale School Bond – 2018 Fail

    Jump to Update The 2018 Election is essentially in the books now and it seems certain that the 2018 Ferndale School Bond has failed, just as past Bonds failed.  For days now I’ve been reading all over Facebook about what meanies  the NO voters are, and how the NO voters just don’t realize how bad FHS is, and how petty the NO voters are to deny the kids a quality school for just $44 per year savings in property taxes.…Continue Reading

  • Ferndale School Bond

      Last night was the first meeting of the newly formed FSD Bond Task Force and I was there.  I know, yet another task force aimed at passing a bond to repair/update/replace schools and facilities.  Wait, didn’t we just do one of those? Well, yes we did just do one of those a couple of years ago, and a couple before that, and a couple before that, and so on, but none of them really went too well.  In fact,…Continue Reading

  • Election Picks

    You’ve got your ballot and now it’s time to draw those lines.  Here are my picks including my reasoning and/or lack of reasoning for my choices.  I’ve also got some other great bike related information accumulating about each candidate.  I’ll be sharing soon, maybe in the next couple of days. However for me, what they each said about their relationship with bicycles didn’t change any of my votes.  So without any further ado, may I present for your consideration, my…Continue Reading