• Ferndale Fringe

    We live on the fringe of Ferndale, not properly within the city limits, but still Ferndale by most other measures. Our address is Ferndale, we work in Ferndale, we bank in Ferndale, we shop at Haggen, Walgreen’s, Pilot, etc, we frequent Coconut Kennys, DownTime Taps, Fringe Brewery :), buy car parts at O’Reilly’s, coffee and reading time at Woods, use Ferndale Library, We live in the Fringe where we are impacted daily by the decisions made by the City of…Continue Reading

  • 2018 Election Recap

    Assuming there are no huge last minute upsets in the ballot counts, the 2018 Election went locally about as I expected. The Red Wave met the Blue Wave and we got mostly slack water nothingness, maybe a purple bruise?  Really how much change, better or worse, are we going to experience when our local representative races all ended up forty nine something percent to 50 something percent? It’s just people voting colors and tribes, almost nothing is happening. My perceptions…Continue Reading