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1952 Raleigh Sports

Always amazed at what you can run across in Bellingham.  While window shopping Facebook Marketplace a couple of days ago for a more fuel efficient car, I stumbled into my latest bike. It is a 1952 orange red Raleigh Sports with not only working dynohub and lights, but also a semi-rare Sturmey-Archer 4-speed.  The  paint is in rough shape and the chain guard is not stock, but other than that it is original including….wait for it….the story of how it…Continue Reading


Governor Inslee is my governor in the same fashion that President Obama was my president.  I didn’t vote for either of them and don’t/didn’t agree with much they do/did.  However, like it or not, they were duly elected.  So out of respect for our state and nation, I accept them, and as difficult as it is sometimes, I do my best to respect them.  To me, respecting and listening to those who we disagree with is a way to understand…Continue Reading