• Conflate Confuse Rant

    “So true” Really? This post is really nothing more than a rant, so if you were hoping for bike stuff, thanks but you can just move along to one of my other posts. I ran across this pic while checking in on my local representatives as I do from time to time.  For the most part, things were as I expected…mostly hang in there, we are working on it kind of stuff, but Senator Ericksen’s Facebook page was a different…Continue Reading

  • 2018 Election

    I’ve made it a habit to do a lot of research regarding candidates and issues before I vote, but occasionally I didn’t have time to look at everything and everyone, so I would defer to the judgment of a political party to fill in the blanks.  However, I see more and more how both major political parties are caring more about their particular party and caring less about doing what is right by the average person.  Don’t tell me that’s…Continue Reading