Canyon Lake

The biggest problem with Canyon Lake is that it is tough to find these days.  Not that it has moved or anything, just that how to get there seems to have moved from time to time.  Google maps, and most other maps that I checked, have you getting to Canyon Lake via Mosquito Lake Road, Canyon Lake Road and then on to the lake by hiking.  An older Bellingham Herald article shows the road I took, but also makes mention…Continue Reading

Getting Close

About a week ago, I wrote this post about my last training ride before the then upcoming Tour de Whatcom(TDW) but I guess I never hit the button to publish it.  So here it is. With just a week to go until the Tour de Whatcom, I wasn’t feeling really ready until I finished this 65 mile loop.  My recent slacking had me wondering if I’d be ready, but with this ride I had no flats nor other mechanical type issues…Continue Reading