Northeast County Loop – pimped out

Just last week I did what is my more normal Northeast County Loop, but as I am trying to get in some longer rides, I decided to pimp out my normal loop.   So I pimped out the loop by adding in Ferndale, Lynden, going a little further north, ultimately bumping it from 40 to 50 miles.  And the gold bling on this loop was that I rode it clockwise;) The ride is a nice one whether for training or…Continue Reading

Sans Food Cycling

I once wrote a post about “riding while fat” because to one degree or another I’ve allowed myself to be too heavy for at least the last 20+ years of my life while all the time, still enjoying getting out on a bike.   Even fat, exercising kept the devil at bay for awhile.  Eventually though, as I have gotten on with years, he got a foot hold with things like blood sugar, blood insulin, hypertension, cholesterol, and of course…Continue Reading

Chasing the Computer

It started maybe a year ago. I had managed to amass so many bikes that it was getting too expensive to keep computers on all of them and logistically it’s was a hassle trying to share a computer between bikes that had various wheel and tire sizes. So my answer was to take the 3-5 computers that I had on various bikes, and throw them in my toolbox.  Perfect solution I thought. Guess what?  It was the perfect solution and…Continue Reading