• Ferndale Water Issues – Updated

    Jump to Update below I’m coming to the conclusion that most people, maybe even most Ferndale City Council members, don’t really know the full extent of our water issues.  And to be blunt, in my view this is because this City administration is fairly opaque rather than transparent as they so often claim about themselves.  Here’s the kind of things I read: 4-4-2017 – According to Public Works Director Kevin Renz, the goals for digging the third well into an…Continue Reading

  • Ferndale Fringe

    We live on the fringe of Ferndale, not properly within the city limits, but still Ferndale by most other measures. Our address is Ferndale, we work in Ferndale, we bank in Ferndale, we shop at Haggen, Walgreen’s, Pilot, etc, we frequent Coconut Kennys, DownTime Taps, Fringe Brewery :), buy car parts at O’Reilly’s, coffee and reading time at Woods, use Ferndale Library, We live in the Fringe where we are impacted daily by the decisions made by the City of…Continue Reading

  • Election Picks

    You’ve got your ballot and now it’s time to draw those lines.  Here are my picks including my reasoning and/or lack of reasoning for my choices.  I’ve also got some other great bike related information accumulating about each candidate.  I’ll be sharing soon, maybe in the next couple of days. However for me, what they each said about their relationship with bicycles didn’t change any of my votes.  So without any further ado, may I present for your consideration, my…Continue Reading