Reimagining the Dew

Sometimes I reimagine one of the several bikes hanging on my wall and sometimes I actually carry my reimagining on to the reinventing stage.  Such is the case with my Kona Dew.  Now I’ve put a lot of miles on the Dew, but all of those miles were as a hybrid bike, riding gravel, pavement, dirt, rocks, roots, water, whatever.  For the most part, I’ve had cyclocross knobby tires on it for those miles and they seem to do pretty…Continue Reading

1952 Raleigh Sports

Always amazed at what you can run across in Bellingham.  While window shopping Facebook Marketplace a couple of days ago for a more fuel efficient car, I stumbled into my latest bike. It is a 1952 orange red Raleigh Sports with not only working dynohub and lights, but also a semi-rare Sturmey-Archer 4-speed.  The  paint is in rough shape and the chain guard is not stock, but other than that it is original including….wait for it….the story of how it…Continue Reading

Raleigh Sports

This late 50’s junk store buy is a made in England, all steel classic.  All-Steel was Raleigh’s claim to fame for years and they weren’t kidding.  They also weren’t comparing themselves to makers of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber bikes.  No their steel bikes were far superior to bikes made from wood, cast iron, etc.  This bike is really all steel wheels, bars, cranks, frame, fenders, well everything. Back to mostly original and mostly unsafe condition. By today’s standard and…Continue Reading