• Burley 2.0

    A few weeks ago I looked around my garage searching for space to hang one more just one more bike. I paused for only a moment before grabbing down my Kona Dew.  It’s rare that a bike leaves my garage for a new how, but I’m out of space and seeing that the Burley Runabout and the Kona Dew serve mostly the same purpose, that purpose being my hop on and do anything bike, I considered letting one of them…Continue Reading

  • Schwalbe Hurricanes

    I don’t know if these are normal tires for someone who knows more, but I find them pretty odd looking.  A knobby edge and an almost slick center portion.  Odd, but I am finding them to be great tires for what I would call mixed terrain, like a loop that has pavement, gravel, mud, and dirt.  Something like my NLT 1 that I ride regularly and have done so numerous times on this tire.  It has about about half pavement, one-quarter dirt/mud…Continue Reading

  • Whitey’s First Ride

    Got Whitey together and serviced enough to take him for a ride today.  Did my Mixed Loop Route in Ferndale, along the Nooksack River.  It’s my goto local ride and a good place for a first ride.  Mostly because if something goes desperately wrong it’s an easy walk or an easy call for help, but secondly it has a bit of everything, pavement, gravel, sand, usually mud, and even a few roots. Whitey turned out to be the bike I hoped he…Continue Reading