Coming Up Fast

July 1st.  That’d make the Tour de Whatcom only 3 weeks away.  Am I ready?  Not quite, but close.  I logged 60 miles again today, including fixing a flat in Lynden, and still felt ok when I got home.   Perhaps even a little less stiff than I was after last weekend’s ride of similar distance.  The flat was what it was and it wasn’t something that I could have avoided mostly since the tire appears to have held air…Continue Reading

Six Low Dollar Fixes for Ferndale’s Trail System

I started writing this post to talk about how I see the general state of getting around by bicycle in the greater Bellingham/Whatcom area.  My address is Ferndale so I began writing by commenting on the general state of getting around and through Ferndale by bike.  Before I knew it I had the whole screen filled with just Ferndale alone, so I retitled the post Difficulties Getting Through Ferndale.  Then I thought about how to fix things instead of just…Continue Reading