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Bellingham – Page 6 – Garin's Blog

Lakes Loop

I find that loops are just the way to go and this loop turned out to be one of my favorites.  I’ve done the normal all pavement Lakes Loop a few times, but the addition of some gravel roads, trails, and a summit really make this ride something different.  Different in this case means a long ride with a little hiking that rewards with some great views. Like other loops that are on my list, this ride starts and ends…Continue Reading

Bike Friendly, Really?

Yeah, this is a couple of years old now, but things haven’t changed a bunch around these parts since then.   Being #4 bike friendly doesn’t jibe with the number of bikes stolen day in and day out in Bellingham.  The #4 rating has got to be based on the wrong stuff and/or is just a bunch of marketing fluff. Somehow the number of bikes stolen has to ding a city out of the top 10.  If not, it’s like ignoring…Continue Reading