The Way I Do Galbraith

This is the way I do Galbraith.  Push, Pull, Drag and lately riding up Galbraith Lane up to the towers to get a good workout.  Then pick a trail and enjoy the ride down because it was earned on the way up.  I’m not up there to fly through the air off some downhill ramp, I’d much rather take a windy trail or two and savor my ride back down to the car. Relive ‘Morning Jun 10th’

Haggen to Haggen Loop – cont’d

Last week’s Haggen to Haggen Loop ride was a bit of a bust.  It’s been several months and several hundred miles of riding since I’ve last had a flat, so three in one ride was just time to pack it in and try another day. So today, with a fresh tube and patch kit in my pack, I set out for another attempt and that attempt was a success. This is a nice loop because it’s not just 30 miles…Continue Reading

Haggen to Haggen Loop

30 mile loop or 50k loop?  It doesn’t really matter because today it wasn’t a loop unless I can count my wife picking me and my bike up at Cornwall Park and driving us back to Haggen in Ferndale. The ride did hold, and really still does hold, much promise to be a great Ferndale/Bellingham loop.  Heck, I even had fun today for the first 20 miles which included a flat tire.  It was even fun for the next, maybe…Continue Reading

Granny Insufficient

I’ve always known granny gear as a truck term for the often ultra low 1st gear in many 4 speed manual shift trucks, a gear meant to allow trucks the ability to get heavy loads moving or to keep them moving up steep slopes.  However, the max speed in that gear may be no faster than a granny can walk.    Granny gear made its way into mountain biking because mountain bikes often have an ultra small chainring up front,…Continue Reading

Nooksack Loop Trail – Full

I’ve written about the Nooksack Loop Trail (NLT) before here & here,  and also likely mentioned it elsewhere.  It’d be a great trail to have running around Whatcom County, just don’t see it ever materializing.  So until never arrives, I will just keep riding my version of the loop trail.  My version essentially follows the trail proposed way back in 1973, but I use whatever roads and trails approximate the loop.  Bellingham, Everson, and Whatcom County have added trails in…Continue Reading

Rain Rain Go Away – Updated

Not too long ago I wrote a post about riding in the out of doors regardless of the weather.  I will still stand by that notion, however I am tired of the rain and cold weather that “seem” to have been the norm this year.   I used the bunny quotes because I never did a analytical comparison of this year’s weather to any other year’s weather, the weather in the last week or so just makes me feel like Noah, three…Continue Reading