I’ve listed out some of the Routes around the county that I frequent, or at least have likely ridden more than one time.  The mileage may vary slightly as most Routes begin and end in my driveway.  I will try and include a map with each route.  They will be either using Google Maps for streets and recreational trails or Endomondo for routes that are really just GPS tracks.  The Google maps are publicly shared, as are the Endomondo maps, however to view the Endomondo maps you will need to have at least a free account with them.  I’ve noticed that the way Google stores their maps, they are recreated every time the link is clicked, so some variation may occur.  Watch out for that.

Also clicking any Ride Links might will give you more information than just a map.  Do take a bit of care with using the maps, especially the Endomondo tracks as I tend to veer off course, maybe to take a picture, or maybe just outright lost, for instance Cornwall Park is rather confusing.

And the Search box is pretty handy, especially as I get more of my Routes listed.  Say, if you want a ride that goes through Everson, just start typing Everson in the search box and the routes will filter as you type.

Route MilesSurfaceTerrainLocation(s)Map LinksRide Link(s)
Mixed Loop10.8pavement, dirt, gravelflatFerndale, MariettaEndomondo
Nooksack Trail Loop 1
Frosty Freezy Loop
Whitey's First Ride
Mixed Loop - Another Way11.5pavement, dirt, gravelflatFerndale, MariettaGoogle Map
Endomondo Route
Another Way
Ferndale Lynden Loop21.78pavementflatFerndale, LyndenEndomondoSeahawks vs. Eagles
Everson Nugent LoopsShort - 16
Long - 22
pavementmostly flat, 2-3 hills/gradesNugents Corner, EversonEndomondo - Long Loop
Endomondo - Short Loop
Al Fresco Riding - Long Loop
Lynden Nooksack Smith Rd Loop37.3pavementmostly flatFerndale, Nugent, Nooksack, LyndenEndomondo
Noon Road Loop24.05pavementmostly flat, a couple of big hillsFerndaleEndomondo
Signs of the Times
Smith Road Roundabout25.12pavementlong grades, some flat, a couple of hillsFerndale, Nugents CornerEndomondoSeahawks vs. Cardinals
Northwest Wiser Hannegan Smith Loop19.42pavementmostly flat with grades and a hillFerndale, LaurelEndomondo
After Work 15 loop15.36pavementmostly flat, one hillFerndale, BellinghamEndomondo
North County Loop61.2pavementmostly flat, some hillsFerndale, Birch Bay, Lynden, Everson, Nugents Corner, LaurelGoogle
North County
Bellingham, Marietta, Ferndale Loop21.73pavementflatBellingham, Marietta, FerndaleEndomondo
Lakes Loop27.9pavementmixed flat and hillsBellingham, Alger, Sudden Valley, GenevaEndomondo
Fairytale loop9.25dirt, graveltrails, hills, roots, rocksBellingham, GalbraithEndomondoBye Week Loop
Towers and Trails from Samish Way parking7.1dirt, graveltrails, hills, rootsBellingham, GalbraithEndomondoCrisp Morning on Galbraith
Hovander to Whatcom Falls14.5dirt, gravel, pavementmostly flatFerndale, Bellingham, Whatcom Falls, HovanderEndomondo
Hovander to Whatcom Falls
Nooksack Loop Trail - 2nd Loop20dirt, gravel, pavementmostly flatFerndale, Bellingham, Hovander, MariettaGoogle
Nooksack Loop Trail 2nd Loop
Tour de Lake Whatcom37pavement, gravel, snowmostly flat with a couple of mountainsBellingham, Acme, Lake Whatcom, WickershamGoogle
Tour de Lake Whatcom
Tour de Lake Whatcom - Again
Lummi Peninsula from Ferndale24pavement, gravel, trailmostly flat, small hillsFerndale, LummiGoogle
Lummi Peninsula from Ferndale - Red River variation24pavement, gravel, trailmostly flat, small hills, unfriendly dogsFerndale, Lummi, MariettaEndomondo
Lummi Peninsula - Red River
Ferndale - Birch Bay Loop via Point Whitehorn27pavementmultiple hills, trafficFerndale, Birch Bay, Point WhitehornGoogle
Northeast County Loop40pavementmostly flat, hills on Smith Rd.Ferndale, Nugents Corner, Nooksack, Everson, WiserGoogle
Endomondo Route link
Border Check65pavementmostly flat, but a couple of big hillsBlaine, Sumas, Lynden, BadgerGoogle
South Pass Loop37pavementhills and more hillsSouth Pass, Everson, Nooksack, Silver LakeGoogle
Reese Hill - South Pass Loop27.2pavementflat, uphill, downhillEverson, Sumas, NooksacGoogle
Reese Hill Loop
Ferndale Lynden Loop - longer version36pavementmostly flatFerndale, Portal Way, Lynden, Everson, LaurelGoogle
Lakes Loop - Mixed 26 - 28pavement, gravel, singletrackhilly, add a mile of steep hill for summit of Alger AlpBellingham, Sudden Valley, Alger, Squires LakeEndomondo
Lakes Loop
Nooksack Loop Trail - Full Approximation46pavement, gravel, trailmostly flat, some hillsFerndale, Lynden, Everson, Bellingham, MariettaGoogle Map
Nooksack Loop Trail - Full
30 Mile Haggen to Haggen Loop30pavement, gravel, trailgenerally flat, some hillsFerndale, Bellingham, MariettaGoogle
Haggen to Haggen Loop - cont'd
Haggen to Haggen Loop
South County Loop63pavementgenerally flat, but not without a few uphill gradesBellingham, Alger, Acme, DemingGoogle
Getting Close
Tour de Whatcom 2018100pavementgenerally flat, but not without several hills, especially between Fairhaven & AlgerBellingham, Fairhaven, Samish, Alger, Glenhaven, Everson, Lynden, Blaine, Birch Bay, FerndaleEndomondoTour de Whatcom 2018
Tour de Whatcom – 2019
Stewart Mountain Loop23pavement, gravel, traillarge uphill to gain ridge, otherwise flat and gently rollingBellingham, Stewart, AcmeEndomondo
Stewart Mountain Loop
Canyon Lake14gravel road, single track around lakelong uphill grindDeming, Mosquito Lake, North Fork Nooksackgaiagps
Canyon Lake
Mt. Baker Hill Climb22pavementall uphill, that's what it's all aboutGlacier, Mt. Baker, Artist Point, Heather MeadowsEndomondo Track2018 Mt. Baker Hill Climb
2019 Mt. Baker Hill Climb
Lookout Mountain11gravel roaduphill gradeLake Whatcom, Bellingham, Sudden ValleyEndomondo
Early Spring Loop40pavement, gravel, single trackmostly flat or small grade, hills on Galbraith and near PaddenFerndale, Whatcom Falls, Galbraith, Padden, Bellingham, Fairhaven, HovanderEndomondo
Spring Yet?
Birch Bay to Boulder Beach17pavement, rough in placesgenerally flat with a few short hillsBirch Bay, Blaine, FerndaleEndomondo
Birch Bay to Boulder Beach
Bellingham Inner Loop13pavement, gravelpredominantly flat, with some uphill gradesBellinghamEndomondo, gaia gpsBellingham Inner Loop
Spring Loop - Base40pavement, gravel, trailsmostly flat or small grade, hills on Galbraith and near Ferndale, Northridge Park, Big Rock Garden, Whatcom Falls, Galbraith, Padden, Bellingham, Fairhaven, Nooksack River, HovanderEndomondoSpring Loop revision C
Northeast County Loop - 50 miles52Pavementpredominantly flat, with some uphill gradesFerndale, Lynden, Everson, Nooksack, NugentEndomondo LinkNortheast County Loop – pimped out
Northeast County Loop – pimped out