• Seahawks 2017

    I gotta say that I am more than a little disappointed in how the Seahawks franchise, as well as the NFL, is handling the whole kneel during the National Anthem fad.  People fought and died to establish our nation with participatory government.  More people fought and died ending slavery allowing Blacks a say in that participatory government.  Whether you are black white blue male female or other, get off your knees, stand in honor of our nation built on participation,…Continue Reading

  • Nooksack Loop Trail – 2nd Loop

    Pro: Lots of gravel/dirt in an urban area. Fun mixed trail that includes the squeaky new sections of the Bay to Baker Trail. Con: Smith & Hannegan have wide shoulders, but may also have heavy traffic.  Guide & Smith intersection needs to be taken seriously.  Marine Drive has a some narrow spots without shoulders, especially the bridge. If you park anywhere on the loop other than my driveway, the main loop itself adds up to about 22 miles of mixed…Continue Reading

  • Blogging Again

    I think I wrote my first blog post back in the early to mid 90’s using text files and coding HTML.   That was fun, sort of, because not many people were posting stuff online.  It was also pointless because not many people were reading online, let alone reading my stuff online.  Easy to understand why not many were reading online because it is hard to imagine exploring the internet without a browser like Chrome, Internet explorer, or Netscape, or an…Continue Reading

  • Bygone Biking

    In the bygone days of biking my recollection is that there were only two types of bikes: Bikes and 10-Speeds.  Maybe I was too young or stupid to know, but in my world there really wasn’t such a thing as road bike, city bike, trail bike, mountain bike, etc. bikes; there were just bikes.  Road, city, trail, mountain, etc. were places you rode your bike.  If you had a bike you rode it where you rode it and if you…Continue Reading