• Seahawks vs. Giants

    No, I didn’t watch the Seahawks again today.  I tried to catch a sunny time this afternoon to get in a quick ride.  That sunny time turned out to be what we called a sucker hole when I used to climb mountains.  Then, it was a little more important to read correctly, today it just meant it took longer and I got wet.   A huge headwind and rain storm hitting half way through meant my hour long loop was an…Continue Reading

  • Election Picks

    You’ve got your ballot and now it’s time to draw those lines.  Here are my picks including my reasoning and/or lack of reasoning for my choices.  I’ve also got some other great bike related information accumulating about each candidate.  I’ll be sharing soon, maybe in the next couple of days. However for me, what they each said about their relationship with bicycles didn’t change any of my votes.  So without any further ado, may I present for your consideration, my…Continue Reading

  • Party Time?

    Last Fall, Donald Trump won our national presidential election and in doing so, really blew a hole in our national political party system.  Well no he didn’t.  It was Hillary Clinton’s political party that really blew a hole in our party political system when they tried to fix the nomination process for Hillary Clinton.  Well, no they didn’t blow up the party system either.  The parties themselves, blew up the parties. I’ve witnessed the two party system showing signs of…Continue Reading

  • Bye Week Loop

    Seahawks Schedule said it was a bye week so there was no game to watch even if it wanted. I didn’t want, so I went for a little bike ride instead. Sunday’s loop ride was on Galbraith, a loop I’ve renamed from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to it’s new name, the Bye Week Loop. Coming in at about 9-¼ miles Goldilocks & the 3 bears is a bit on the long side for me, both in time and in…Continue Reading