Inclusion not Division

Here’s a little Ramble & Rant about an issue that I think could make a big difference in how kids do in school, how they get along with others in school, and how they view others throughout their life.  Schools clubs should be restricted to academic restrictions only. no Hispanic club, no students of color club, no white only club, no tribal club, no multicultural club, , no, no girl only clubs, no male only clubs, ie no MEChA,…Continue Reading

Lummi Peninsula

The Lummi Peninsula Loop is a rather extended version of my regular 10 mile Mixed Loop out of Ferndale.  This loop takes you south from Pioneer Pavillion along Ferndale Road and then out and around the whole Lummi Peninsula before returning to Ferndale via the dirt trail along the Nooksack that leads into Hovander Park.  It’s 24 miles altogether and at times can be a mixed bag, but it is overall a fun ride.  This is not really a loop for…Continue Reading

Raleigh Sports

This late 50’s junk store buy is a made in England, all steel classic.  All-Steel was Raleigh’s claim to fame for years and they weren’t kidding.  They also weren’t comparing themselves to makers of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber bikes.  No their steel bikes were far superior to bikes made from wood, cast iron, etc.  This bike is really all steel wheels, bars, cranks, frame, fenders, well everything. Back to mostly original and mostly unsafe condition. By today’s standard and…Continue Reading