• Early Stumpjumper

    It may sound a bit weird, but I have grown fond of this particular bike. That’s because finding it really marked the beginning of me getting myself back into riding bikes, rather than periodically just moving them from one side of the garage to the other. My “go to” bike for the last few decades had been a mid/late 90’s Stumpjumper with a ubiquitous beige Judy XC fork.  It is a wonderfully light M2 framed bike that at the time…Continue Reading

  • Seahawks vs. Redskins

    It’s November 5th and we all know what that means.  It means I went on a bike ride in place of watching the Seahawks game.  We had a cold strong wind from the North this morning so I just rode an out and back ride from Hovander.  I parked in the Fragrance Garden parking lot at Tennant Lake and rode the dirt portion of the trail (see this route) down to Marietta.   Very crisp but fun ride.  The trolls had…Continue Reading

  • Flag Etiquette

    There’s a big picture of Tomi Lahren wearing a US Flag headlining a story over at the Bellingham Herald site.   It’s titled “Conservative pundit dressed up as the American flag. Did she violate the Flag Code?”   Don’t go Googling the Flag Code, because I don’t think you’ll find the real answer there. The answer is really about what’s in their heart.  Ask yourself if they are intending to honor our nation with the use of the flag, or are they…Continue Reading

  • Houston at Seattle

      Houston vs. Seattle – The NFL afternoon game that I won’t be watching  today.  And guess what? I’m not watching it and that’s perfectly fine. I did get in a nice ride this morning.  Started up the south side of Galbraith a little after 6am, in the dark.  It was absolute calm as opposed to the leaf blower that’s going on outside now.  Anyways, as usual, great exercise riding the road up to the towers and then riding down…Continue Reading