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Tour de Sad News 2020

Earlier today, I received an email, “Regrettably, we must inform you that the 2020 Tour de Whatcom scheduled for July 18th is officially canceled as of today due to the COVID19 pandemic.” And a bit later today I received another email, “Regrettably, we announce that the Mt. Baker Hill Climb scheduled for September 13th is officially canceled due to the COVID19 pandemic.” It’s a weird year, this 2020. It’s not like I didn’t expect either of these cancellations. In truth,…Continue Reading


One last note about covid-19 before there is nothing left of it in the news, save politics.  As of writing this, Washington state appears to be over the “hump” of the outbreak and I am already seeing social media rewriting our recent history from just the last few months, even last week and yesterday seem to be also up for grabs.  But really the gist of this post is about helping us weather this outbreak and some of my thoughts…Continue Reading

Don’t Panic

Where do you get your information regarding the status of our current Covid-19 pandemic?   MSNBC, CNN, FOX, the Whitehouse….Youtube, Facebook, Twitter….?   The list goes on and on and on, but who is the most reliable source?  That’s almost a pun, because if someone asked me “who is the most reliable source of information regarding Covid-19?” I would answer, “WHO, as in the World Health Organization, the people who are monitoring the whole situation for sake of humanity rather…Continue Reading

Road Rash 2020

Donald Trump won because we wanted someone who was not part of the existing political establishment to get in there and start representing us over political parties. He said he would “drain the swamp” which I, like many others I suspect, took as someone who would work to break up the networks of political corruption that has grown in our nations capital.  I don’t think his chosen party really wanted him, but they saw a win for their party by…Continue Reading

One Thing

A few times in the past I’ve commented how a few low cost improvements would make a big improvement to the trail system in Ferndale.  I’m not going to back pedal on anything I said, because to call the Ferndale trail system a system is still a misnomer in my opinion. Recently though, I had another look at the whole Pioneer Park area while my mother-in-law is in town and trying to get more walking into her daily routine.   I…Continue Reading

Space Ape

Just after snagging the derelict Scott Boulder a few weeks ago I made myself a mental note to be more careful about buying bikes on a whim because my cup/garage is flowing over.  And so then just a few days ago I bought another bike on absolutely nothing more than a whim, because apparently I have no willpower whatsoever.   You see, I had just run across a Youtube of Slow Roll Detroit and was thinking to myself, what a…Continue Reading