• Haggen to Haggen Loop

    30 mile loop or 50k loop?  It doesn’t really matter because today it wasn’t a loop unless I can count my wife picking me and my bike up at Cornwall Park and driving us back to Haggen in Ferndale. The ride did hold, and really still does hold, much promise to be a great Ferndale/Bellingham loop.  Heck, I even had fun today for the first 20 miles which included a flat tire.  It was even fun for the next, maybe…Continue Reading

  • Binge Worthy

    I admit that I am binging a bit on the North Lake Whatcom area.   Although there are wonders to be found there, what make this area binge worthy for me is the tremendous workout it offers straight out of the box.  From the upper parking lot there seems to be nothing but steep uphill for the first few miles, in fact the parking lot itself even slopes uphill a bit.  I’ve hiked up and down this section several times and…Continue Reading

  • Adaptive Cycle Expo 2018

    Bikes and mechanical things are part of my comfort zone and, to be real, people with disabilities are usually way out of my comfort zone.  So why volunteer for this type of event?  Because comfort or no comfort, in my gut it seemed like the right thing to do and it also involves bikes (of sorts).  I also knew that people with disabilities are way in my wife’s comfort zone and I knew that Monica was also volunteering so she’d have my back…Continue Reading

  • Bike to Work 2018

    I bike to work on occasion, not always, but it isn’t unusual to see me biking in.  I am not out to be a diehard bike advocate riding every day and everywhere in a vain attempt to save the world, I ride to work to save just a little bit of my health and sanity.  I see any bike riding over car driving as moving my health in the right direction and my sanity is helped by the nice afternoon…Continue Reading