Oops, I did it again.  My wife went out of town and I got another bike.  Thinking about it, perhaps there is a pattern there, maybe?  What I did was purchaseI, for a small sum, a Kona Dew hybrid/urban bike, but what I really did was solve the gear ratio problem I was wrestling with on the Burley.  The Burley is a hybrid of sorts, but the gear ratios are strictly street (Shimano 105, 52-tooth), making it tough to do…Continue Reading

2018 Mt. Baker Hill Climb

My reason for the ride, was to take another step towards returning to a level of fitness that I “useta” have, but have not enjoyed for the last couple of decades or so.  My aim was to use riding the Tour de Whatcom(TDW) as an annual fitness goal, but when my wife shared a Facebook thing about this ride up to Artist Point, I signed up immediately. It was what I would consider grueling, but not too grueling, just enough…Continue Reading

Psychobabble Crap

Nike/Kaepernick … what a morally bankrupt and shameful meme you have bestowed upon our world. “Believe in Something, Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything.”   What a load of psychobabble crap you’ve come up with. On 9/11/01 some terrorists believed in something and sacrificed everything. On 9/11/01 many people believed in saving others even if it meant sacrificing their own lives. Anyone can believe in “something” Try believing in something that is kind, caring, and good.