Other bikes in my life have come and gone; this is a list of bikes that have continued to stay in my head and/or my garage.

  • Current Bikes
    1. M2 Franken Jumper – my go to hardtail for years.
    2. Early Stumpjumper – an interesting old ride
    3. Current full-suspension Stumpjumper 2005?
    4. Hardrock – stuffed up in garage attic, ready to rebuild my first real mountain bike
    5. Raleigh Sports – late 50’s three-speed, a classic
    6. Schwinn Racer – two-speed kickback, such a simple bike 🙂
    7. Early Mongoose BMX – classic 70’s bike rescued from Value Village
    8. Raleigh R600 Road bike – sweet Shimano 105 equipped lightweight road bike
    9. Burley Runabout (Whitey) – my ride all the time bike
    10. Raleigh Twenty Folder – its weird, but so what.
    11. Raleigh International – beautiful bike, can’t wait to get it back together for a ride.
    12. 1952 Raleigh Sports – a bike with a 4-speed Sturmey Archer, a Dynohub, and best of all a story.
    13. 1992 Scott Boulder – a rusted seized up nostalgic treasure, now converted to dropper “gravel” bike.
    14. Space Ape – just for fun.
    15. Schwinn S-30 – because of the Sweet Spot™ rear end.
    16. Schwinn Sierra – all original 1987, needs a little fixin before I ride it.
    17. 2013 Specialized Secteur Sport Disc –
  • Past Bikes – Bikes that I let go of along the way that still have a place in my head.
    1. Colorful Stumpjumper
    2. Trek Fuel 8.5 – good fun bike, dented the frame in a big way, now it is no more.
    3. Kona Dew Disc – great bike, with exactly the spec’s I wanted, but never seemed to fit right
    4. Kona Dew Plus – a good bike that I put a lot of miles on but we never seemed to connect 😉
    5. Schwinn Speedster
    6. Gary Fisher Hybrid 700C bike
    7. Trek 8000 – Hardtail
    8. Specialized FSR XC
    9. Mongoose Mtn Bike – rigid
    10. Schwinn Prelude – Rode first Seattle to Portland, and several other long rides
    11. Univega Sportour – mid 80’s – shouldn’t have sold it to buy Prelude.
    12. Kia (toys-R-us) 12 speed – actually not as bad of a bike as it sounds
    13. Red Raleigh 10 speed – late 60’s or early 70’s
    14. Murray Wildcat – green fake Stingray – Christmas bike in a box from my dad, my first build.
    15. Red bike with and without training wheels – I can’t remember much about this other than I could park it with the training wheels straddling a puddle and make a nice rooster tail.
  • Bikes I’d like to own (Bike Bucket List)
    1. Tandem for fun
    2. Dog Scooter/Kick Bike
    3. Adult Unicycle
    4. something pre-war but rideable
    5. something from the space age rocket “gas” tank era
    6. Anything vintage from my Past Bikes list – Bikes that I should have never let go. (Raleigh 10-Speed)
    7. bikes with odd stuff –  linkage fork, Manitou rear shock, Raleigh Twenty, unique heritage, etc.
    8. Rigid Steel with discs and modern drivetrain(see Whitey)