The internet world is awash with memes, but are memes really new?

Not so much.

Take “Et tu, Brute?” It was running around my high school in the 70’s as a sort of “verbal” meme called on when an act of betrayal was at hand, yet it originated with Caesar’s death nearly 2000 years ago, was already a meme of sorts when Shakespeare wrote it some 400 years and, well now it’s a cat meme.

There were other memes before memes, like the Kilroy was here meme that originated in the 1940’s or earlier, yet popped up again in the 70’s where it was standard Pee Chee graffiti for time.  Then there were the Fax Machine memes, those witty little black & white images that came creeping ever so slowly into your office while you held your breath hoping that the boss would see.  That was where I first met Lucky, that unforgettable lost dog.

I see my meme page little differently than the other memes, perhaps.  My mind can drift a bit here and there while I am cycling and sometimes things stick.  Things like, famous or not so famous quotes, or things like my blog’s tagline, “It’s all part of the Experience”.  I know my tagline as a line from Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation movie, maybe it came from somewhere else?  I don’t know?  It has become my standard line when someone complains during an adventure or outing.  Someone would say things like, “I’m hungry” or “my feet are cold” or “the dog farted”, to which I would respond without hesitation, “it’s all part of the experience.”  And when I think about memorable events, it’s all the things, big and small, that make the experience memorable.  It’s not just that the dog farted, it’s that the dog farted and your kid rolled down the car window while you were in the carwash.   It’s all part of the experience.

So I was thinking that I might just put a few of my thoughts together with a few of my pictures as things stick in my head.  The internet has enough cat memes, so I think I will attempt to keep my memes a bit more real.