• Noon Road Loop

    I had hopes of doing something with a little intensity today, like the Reese Hill Loop.  I also had hopes for one of these Sundays to be a warm sunny Sunday where I could take my Schwinn Racer on a nostalgia ride along some easy peasy path.  Instead, it was another cold Sunday where it was clear until the sun came up, but then clouds rolled in to steal the warmth.  And I was in a bit of a time…Continue Reading

  • Lummi Peninsula

    The Lummi Peninsula Loop is a rather extended version of my regular 10 mile Mixed Loop out of Ferndale.  This loop takes you south from Pioneer Pavillion along Ferndale Road and then out and around the whole Lummi Peninsula before returning to Ferndale via the dirt trail along the Nooksack that leads into Hovander Park.  It’s 24 miles altogether and at times can be a mixed bag, but it is overall a fun ride.  This is not really a loop for…Continue Reading

  • Tour de Lake Whatcom

    A few years back I did the real Tour de Whatcom and it was a fun experience, one that I will likely do again and again and again.  But I’ve also had this other route in my head for awhile and have just been biding my time until conditions were right.   And by conditions I mostly mean, my condition.  When would I be in condition enough to ride a 30 plus mile loop around Lake Whatcom that included the gravelly…Continue Reading

  • Trash Tuesday

    It’s been raining litters of kittens and puppies here lately so I couldn’t resist a potentially rainless morning commute.  Even being Trash Tuesday, it was still a nice commute and it was Whitey’s first.  Whitey is a nimble bike so dodging trash dumpsters was a non-issue.   Update – commuted several more times since this trash Tuesday post, but realized yesterday that I failed to mention Watchout Wednesdays.  Where you watch out for all the people who don’t put away…Continue Reading