I Don’t Approve, I Understand

Spock said something really similar to my title in one of the original series episodes.   Aliens were waging war using computers, with people voluntarily killing themselves whenever the computer said it was their turn.  That plan avoided the messiness of war, but also avoided the ending of the war.  People had been dying century after century with no end…Continue Reading

Six Low Dollar Fixes for Ferndale’s Trail System

I started writing this post to talk about how I see the general state of getting around by bicycle in the greater Bellingham/Whatcom area.  My address is Ferndale so I began writing by commenting on the general state of getting around and through Ferndale by bike.  Before I knew it I had the whole screen filled with just Ferndale alone,…Continue Reading


I’ll delve a little into politics here for a quick moment.  I am hearing a lot of murmuring about a movement to allow voting by 16 year old people.  I think that’s a bad idea, but… A vote will create laws and elect lawmakers who help determine community/national direction, yet at 16, or even 18 for that matter, they have…Continue Reading