• On Memes

    There is usually more to any situation Things are always more complicated than a meme It’s never a mistake to lead with compassion Remember first that we are all children of God

  • Remember When

    Remember when the soft drink industry spent millions of dollars to get us to vote down a soda tax?  I commented on it in an election related post, but the gist of it was that communities wanted the option of using taxes/fees as a means of protecting the health of their people by reducing the consumption of sugary drinks in their community.  This led to soft drink companies mega funding a campaign for an initiative to ban such soda taxes.  I-1634…Continue Reading

  • Shout Out to Garmin (and all fitness trackers)

    You may remember a previous post where I shared why I am not a big fan of cycling computers and such.  Mostly not big fan from the perspective of focusing on enjoying a ride rather than caring about how fast I am riding or when I will arrive at wherever it is that I am going.  Even a recent post where I ended up using my ride time to compare bikes was about the bikes, not the time. The time…Continue Reading

  • Where No Man Should Go

    Except that Roe v. Wade was decided by 9 grey haired white men, so I guess that could count as precedence for this grey haired white man to also have an opinion, so here I go. My opinion on this issue is like my opinion on so many other laws and rulings; we should try it before we change it.  Let’s start by just keeping to the original, in this case Roe v. Wade ruling, before we start messing with…Continue Reading