Colorful Stumpjumper

My late 80’s Stumpjumper it really not too far removed from my early/original Stumpjumper.  The frame geometry feels the same, maybe with a bit more room due to a longer stem, but essentially the same feel.  However, the 8 years of maturing did yield a big difference in rideabilty, and that difference comes in two major areas; gearing and brakes.  The 1989 model has indexed gearing, as opposed to the now forgotten friction shifting, for ease of shifting and 21…Continue Reading

Crisp Morning on Galbraith

Crisp is code for froze my rear end again.  Didn’t even start until almost 6:30am, but even that was too early.  My fingers haven’t been that cold since I was a kid, who didn’t want to come in from sledding, but now I fancy myself as an adult and as an adult I should know better, or at least buy a newer warmer set of winter gloves.  Cold or not, riding of any kind is still more fun than most…Continue Reading

Signs of the Times

So I rode my Noon Road Loop again today.  It’s a nice 24 mile loop that I do pretty regularly.  It appeals to me because most of it is through farmland and along back roads.  I was going slow today, likely slower than usual.  But slow can often have silver linings, which it did for me today. First silver lining was that it was a kind of dreary day, but I found the sun near one of those giant marshmallow…Continue Reading

Frosty Freezy Loop

One of my favorite loops because it’s fun, just an hour long and right here in Ferndale.  Park at Pioneer Pavilion, rided south on Ferndale Road, cross the river at Marietta, ride north on the trail along the river, through Hovander and back into downtown Ferndale. I did this loop yesterday morning and it was sub-freezing as the photos will attest, but fun nonetheless. And leading into the weekend, absolutely no thoughts of the Seahawks. 😉 Update – I’ve since…Continue Reading

Seahawks vs. Eagles

After so many weeks of not watching the NFL, today rolled around without so much as the tiniest thought about football.  Seahawk vs. Eagles, I don’t really care, it’s like rooting for Target to beat out Walmart during their black Friday event.  blah. Today’s route took me to Ferndale via Axton Rd, one of the most dangerous stretches of road around for a cyclist.  Axton is usually extremely busy and as you transition from County roads to Ferndale roads the…Continue Reading

Seahawks vs. Falcons

Oh crappers, I rode yesterday not realizing that the Seahawks play today.  Oh yeah, I am not watching the NFL this fall. Which is good, because if I were might have seen this imbecile make a fool of himself and the NFL by sitting during our anthem and standing during the Mexican anthem.  Instead, I enjoyed two, count’em two rides yesterday. First ride was a nice, sorta windy ride up Galbraith Lane to the towers followed by a rewarding descent down…Continue Reading